CBeebies – your child’s first day

Preparing for the big day

The big day is almost here! Your child will soon be starting school or nursery. You are both bound to be really excited about this new adventure – but feeling a bit nervous and anxious too is very normal!

What can you do to help your child prepare for this important milestone in their life?

Talk about what school will be like

Your child is bound to be wondering what school or nursery will be like when they arrive and what sort of things happen during the day.

Why not cuddle up together and watch clips from Time For School to help reassure them about what to expect?

Have a chat about how the children in the show feel at different times. Does your child have any of the worries they experience?

You could also use the Time For School mix and match game to explore the different parts of a school day.

Starting school or nursery is an important milestone in your child’s life. You can use My School Book to talk through their experiences together. Pick the sections that best suit your situation.

‘All About Me’

Your child has already achieved so much. Why not share some of those special times with your child’s new teacher and classmates by making an ‘All About Me’ scrapbook?

Collect together photos, pictures and mementoes of important milestones and events in your child’s life so far – e.g. birthday cards, photos of special family events or records of achievements).

Remember to keep adding to their scrapbook as they start their new adventure at school or nursery.


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