Meet the Staff

I have worked at Little Acorns since 2013. I love my job as every day is different. The children are a joy to be around, their innocence and knowledge combined makes for interesting conversations and it is never a dull moment in our pre-school. I have been so forunate to be given the role of Language Lead which I am thoroughly enjoying, working in small groups and sometimes one to one with children who are having some speech therapy sessions. I have done training for SENCO, Talking Still Matters, Let's Interact and much more. In my spare time I like to go to the gym, camping with my partner and two children, movie nights and days out.
Senior Pre-school Practitoner
Senior Pre-school Practitoner I have worked at Little Acorns since January 2010. I enjoy every aspect of my job and seeing the children happy when they are at pre-school. It is nice to see that I have had an impact on the children's lives through play and getting them ready for when they go off to their new school. I work alongside Louise as Health and Safety Officers for the pre-school. In my spare time I spend time with my daughter and friends, going to the cinema and socialising.
Office Administrator
Office Administrator. I began working at Little Acorns in September 2012. Before that I served on the Little Acorns committee as Treasurer for 3 years, so I have seen the pre-school from serveral perspectives; parent, committee member and now employee. I enjoy being part of the Little Acorns team, it's a pleasure working in an enviroment where children are so evidently enjoying themselves while they develop and learn. I have lived in Shireoaks with my husband and two children since we moved from London in 2007, I enjoy spending time with my family, socialising with friends, watching my son play football and cricket, and ice-skating with my daughter.
Pre-school Practitoner
Pre-school Assistant. I have worked at Little Acorns since 2013. What I enjoy most about working here is being an active part in helping children learn something new. Whether it be helping with toilet training to encouraging them to take part in sports day. It's such a nice feeling knowing that you are helping that child learn and grow, it makes me feel proud. I have achieved a lot attending several short courses that have supported me and helped me develop as a childcare practitioner; such as observation and assessment, first aid and 'Talking Still Matters'. In my spare time I like to run and have days out with my children.
Pre-school Practitioner
Pre-school Assistant. I began my childcare career back in 2008. After qualifying I started working as a volunteer at Prospect Hill Infant and Nursery School, then I went on to become supply staff. I also worked at Claremont House as a Nursery Practitoner before joining the team at Little Acorns. Working in early years I love that every day is never the same, there is always something different you learn from every child. Working with children in Early Years is a continuous learning curve and there is always something new to learn. I spend my spare time with my husband and my little boy going on long walks and visiting lots of different places. I love to spend time with my parents as they live in the country and it's very quiet and peaceful.
Pre-school Practitoner
Pre-school Assistant. In 2013 I decided I wanted to a career in childcare and education. This is when I gained my qualification at level 2 and 3. I started my career by volunteering in a foundation unit in a school. I enjoy the excitement that working with children brings, as every day is different. I also enjoy working with the EYFS as it encourages children to learn at their own pace through play. I am proud of completing my qualification, I have also gained my first aid, safeguarding and promoting positive behaviour. During my time at Little Acorns I have experienced my first Ofsted inspection. In my spare time I like to go out with my son, cycling and trying to keep fit! Spending time with family and friends, and all types of motorsport and camping.
Lunchtime Assistant
Lunchtime Assistant. I enjoy working with the children, and watching them grow and learn. Seeing them make friends, learn new names, counting and watching them interact through song time and role play. It is a pleasure to help them at lunchtimes, and be greeted so enthusiastically when you come in -it makes it great to come to work. In my spare time I like walking and gardening.